Marshmallow Building

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Morning snack conversation
Marshmallow Building

I gave Sweet Pea some toothpicks and mini marshmallows yesterday. This is what happened…

“This time I’m going to make a period.” (Pyramid)

Referring to the same object he just made. It started as the pyramid, but he kept adding to it. “This is just an animal, a caterpillar.”

Me: “Is a caterpillar an insect or an animal?”

Sweet Pea: “An animal. Now I’m going to eat my creation. No it’s not a tunnel. It’s a slingshot.” He proceeds to eat a marshmallow, then decides to eat a marshmallow off the end of a toothpick.

“Mommy, you have a pet baby dragon (blows on the marshmallow on the end of the toothpick and eats it.) I toasted it under the fire. Your baby pet dragon is talented at roasting mini marshmallows.”

Some days I use our little morning snack time to sneak a peak at e-mail or check Facebook, not that anyone ever sends me e-mails during the day or there is anything earth shattering on Facebook that I have to see. It sort of makes me feel connected to other adults during the day, even though I’m not.

Today, however, I sat with my iPad, intentionally ready to listen to him instead. I had planned to type out everything he said, because it dawned on me the other day that snack time is the time his talk is truly free, not rambling about his LEGO project plans or what his lovey plans to do when it’s done flying through the air. When he’s just talking more to himself than anything.

Snack time is when he’s trying to make conversation while we just sit together. I love that I listened to the imaginings of his mind yesterday. The creative thought process his mind goes through is so cool!

I think e-mail and Facebook will probably not go away while I listen to my boy again today.

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