Miniature Horses

by | Aug 3, 2012 | 2 yr old, 4 yr old | 1 comment

Cutie Pie got to take a ride on a cart driven by a miniature horse, Shooter. What an awesome experience for a preschooler!

There is a mini horse farm up the road from my dad’s house. We made sure to take the boys up to see them one visit. We had no idea their owner would be out with one getting some practice for an upcoming show. The gentleman, a friend of my dad’s, invited Cutie Pie to take a ride with him! He wasn’t sure at first, but quickly agreed.

While Cutie Pie enjoyed his ride, Aunt Lisa, Hubby and I talked with Sweet Pea about the miniature horses, what they eat, how tall they are, how strong they are. He didn’t talk much, but it was obvious later that it was because he was so intrigued with them!

When Cutie Pie returned he was elated! He’s very excited to visit the horses again!

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