Sweet Pea and Cutie Pie seem to love music! I don’t know if it’s because Hubby is a string music teacher and music is very often playing in our home, or what, but whenever music is on our kiddos are happy. Cutie Pie often will be very quiet and still when listening to a new song. He sometimes requests it over and over and the next thing you know he’s singing it back to us! Sometimes he’s just still and quiet and almost looks like something is wrong, but when we prod him he gets a little annoyed because he was trying to hear the words.

Recently Sweet Pea, who will be 2 at Thanksgiving, started singing along to parts of songs he knows! This has brought endless joy and laughter to all of us! (He sings big chunks of the ABC’s and it’s adorable!) Both boys have always loved dancing to music…no matter what genre is playing and no matter where we are! They both love to “conduct” and are now singing as they conduct, rather than just conducting the music happening around them. Sweet Pea is also showing evidence (we think early) that he has a good sense of beat while he’s dancing and singing, as his brother wasn’t always on the beat until he was more like 3 yrs old!

We love having music playing in our home, and wouldn’t trade the entertainment value – watching and partaking!

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