Orchestra at Mom’s Club

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My MOM’s club invited Hubby and a group of students to come play for our recent MOMs club holiday dinner. They also held a ‘petting zoo’ for the children when they were done entertaining us! This was a neat opportunity for both the children attending and those playing.

Cutie Pie and Sweet Pea helped Hubby out before the event by going to each child in the orchestra to see how their instrument worked. Each orchestral student was very patient while letting them strung the strings and draw the bow across the strings, and they were all open to suggestions from Hubby as to how to relate to the little ones.

After our delicious dinner and entertainment provided by these talented 5th graders, the little ones in MOM’s club got to walk around to each student and try their instruments ~ the violin, viola, cello and bass. Both groups of kids did great! There was no bickering, no pulling needlessly on strings, everyone was so well behaved! The parents seemed to have a great time, too, and I think it might have been a new experience for some of them as well! (coordination, concentration, gross motor, fine motor, social skills)

It isn’t every day that children preschool age and younger get to try out an instrument and even more infrequent to find them getting their hands on a stringed instrument with permission!

What instruments do you have in your home? Any budding musicians out there?

I only posted one picture because I wanted to protect the privacy of other children at the event, but I assure you there were many smiling kids checking out the instruments!

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