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Letter P fun at https://momistheonlygirl.com
Letter P on the climbing wall at
The Strong National Museum of Play

With the white stuff still lingering outside I thought it would be fun for Sweet Pea to have a Picnic for letter P week – indoors!

We had a lot of fun making simple food that started with P – Peanut butter and jelly, Pineapple bites, and Potato chips! Of course we followed that with some (pretend) Pie and Pancakes!

I also have to mention we had Pancakes for breakfast one day! If I had thought ahead I would have made them into the letter P! As per Sweet Pea, instead they were O’s, with the middle still in.

Switching things up and having a picnic indoors for the Letter P, and eating foods that started with the letter P seemed to reinforce the letter P sound. We had a lot of fun all week thinking of words that started with P and making up our own, too!

Grandpa also joined us for a trip to The Strong National Museum of Play at the end of the week and we found a lot of letter Ps hanging around there for Sweet Pea’s eyes to find! When you go keep your eyes peeled – there are letters hiding everywhere!

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What have you done to teach, review, reinforce the letter P with your kiddos?

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