P is for Playdough – fine motor activity

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Continuing with the letter P week…
playdough manipulation for fine motor work at https://momistheonlygirl.com
We made playdough! Conditioner and corn starch playdough to be exact. I can’t say I’m crazy about this dough like so many other mom bloggers, but Sweet Pea liked it because it was soft and silky.

At kindergarten registration we learned about a few ways to make our kids’ fingers stronger to hold that pencil through fine motor play in a group meeting with the school occupational therapist. One way was putting beads in playdough and having the kiddos manipulate the playdough to ‘rescue’ the beads.

I had planned on doing this with our playdough, but after it was made realized it wasn’t ‘dough-y’ enough to make it really fun. It also wasn’t the best for rolling into snakes to shape into letters. I am planning on trying these with him when we get out our other homemade playdough next time we get it out!

Playdough alone is a great fine motor activity to build up those little fingers for writing and maintaining a good pencil grip.

Have you gone the extra step and home and put objects in playdough for your kiddos to manipulate? What objects have you used?

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