Partner Storytelling

brothers reading together
Brothers Reading

Cutie Pie and Hubby were having fun playing by making up a story together the other night. I think making up stories is a great way to encourage reading (it’s not really that far of a stretch), growing the imagination in all sorts of ways!

Cutie Pie was in charge of all of the details and telling Hubby what would happen next based on what Hubby said he’d want to do. Hubby was a character and could only ask questions about what was around him. This really brought out Cutie Pie’s imagination! (creativity, processes, imagination)

Their story involved Hubby being a knight in a castle and needing to rescue a person trapped in a net being held in place by a friendly bear. Through a series of questions and actions Hubby had discovered the castle was surrounded by fields, but the bear was in a tree on the other side of the village. Hubby ultimately became a rescuer and was given a feast in exchange, however he had to obtain his own food!

I love the way questions like where am I, what is around me, what am I’m trying to do and what am I looking at (among many others) can result in an intricately woven story as told by a 6 year old and his Daddy!

What a great activity to have in your arsenal for long waits, car rides and any time you need a little distraction or imaginary play. Can’t you see this happening while playing with dolls or driving little cars around or building with LEGOs!

I’d love to hear the adventures you and your child experience this way!


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