Puppets have manners and Blog Hop

Sweet Pea got the puppets out yesterday and we all got in on the show! Cutie Pie and I spent a lot of time with puppets on our hands being very polite to each other. His blue hippo liked to say please, thank you, how do you do, I’m sorry to hear that and many other niceties. My raccoon and porcupine tried to be very engaging and polite as well. They rehearsed meeting each other, sharing food at a meal, and letting each other go first through a pretend door. It was all so civilized!

I do have to say Hubby and I receive many comments on how polite our children are, but it really does take a lot of work. It was great fun to see Cutie Pie role- and pretend playing like this and to see this behavior in him continue to the same extent through the rest of the day!

Now, won’t you kindly join me in hopping on over to a few blogs and being civilized and polite while meeting some new bloggers?


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