Remembering Winter

Spring is not here yet. I’m yearning for it. I love the snow, but with the weather getting warmer, then colder, then warmer then snowing again I’m trying to not get my hopes up. I mean, it’s just February, and around here that means winter weather.So I’m remembering how much worse this weather could be. We were told to expect lots of snow one night in January. Unfortuntely, it fell during the wrong 8 hour period to give the kiddos a snow day. Well, my 5 year old and I tried to make it to afternoon preschool, but when you can’t see, it makes driving there a little dangerous, so we retreated to the comfort of home. I treated him to afternoon popcorn and a movie – something that we just don’t ever do here in the middle of the day and something I think we’d both enjoy if we did it more often. We definitely enjoyed our snow day!

It was the sort of snow that, while it’s falling, it looks like millions of shards of glass. Under the street lights that night it looked like we were surrounded by diamonds piled high, just waiting to be disturbed.That night I sat, half watching Sweet Pea drive his trains around the family room floor, also seeing the swirling snow sparkling in the air as a gentle breeze blew it past the window. I remember hesitating to take the boys out the next day, wondering if I wanted to ruin the beauty of the sparkles in the landscape, or if it would be even more beautiful with paths all over it made by joyous playing boys.So here I sit, remembering the sudden snow storm we had earlier today which left an inch of snow in less than an hour. Remembering the wind whipping, leaving my cheeks and hands so cold I could hardly move my fingers.But I’m also remembering just how much fun playing in a winter wonderland can be…as long as I’m either bundled up like crazy or sitting inside sipping hot cocoa watching the boys and their daddy playing in it! 

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