Color snow play

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Indoors snow play at
Indoor snow play

Remember the other day when I posted about painting snow? I had totally forgotten that I typed everything 5 year old Sweet Pea was saying as he played.

He really could’ve gotten along without me even sitting there, just talking along to himself (as you will read) so I didn’t feel guilty typing, especially because it was something he wanted to play with by himself and didn’t even want me to stick around!

Here’s his monologue:

For me snow mixing and butter mixing and color mixing, and juice mixing, those are the only mixings I know of.

Hey, it’s dotted!

It feels like foam but it’s colder.

Look at the snow after I put in the water!

I wonder what will happen if we mix it with beaters.

I like just putting little hunks of snow in cups of water so you can pretend its….when you put water in the snow it makes it less snow, I’m going to keep adding some water.

Me: What will happen if you add water?

The whole thing is going to freeze.

Why are the ice cubes sticking to the ice? Hmm, maybe we should look that up!

I think we will be doing some more little experiments with ice! Some days he just doesn’t go for whatever I set out on the table to try to interest him in a little more ‘formal’ learning. Other days he does. We’ll see!

Now, honestly…do you have constant talking in your house like this, or is it just here?

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