Scavenger Hunt Map

by | Apr 2, 2014 | 7 year old, activities | 0 comments

Seven year old Cutie Pie has been working on drawing a scavenger hunt map for Hubby, Sweet Pea and himself for a couple of days. It’s quite detailed with obstacles to avoid (like a T-Rex chase in his bedroom) but no real house-landmarks. He amazes me with his creativity when he comes up with these things!

Even though his map doesn’t include things like chairs and corners, the guys can clearly tell where they are supposed to go because of the visual cues (sometimes words) he placed on it.

Of course, when pretending to go from spot to spot in a boat you never know when a colossal squid will get hold of it and keep you from finding the next clue and ultimately the treasure!

Great fun practice writing and drawing. His spelling is still phonetical, but he’s working on it! I love watching him progress educationally! This has proved to be a great way to Encourage Writing!

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