Snow Day Fun – dinosaurs

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snow day paper play fun - cutting and drawing at
cutting out dinosaurs!

We had two snow days this past week. The first we expected as a blizzard made it’s way through western New York State. The second day was unexpected, due to the storm not racing through our area quite as soon as anticipated, delaying when the roads could be cleared safely for buses filled with children.

Hubby and I tried to keep the kiddos from going stir-crazy on the second (and bitterly cold) day by providing some art materials. I had also come across a dinosaur song on Made by Joel and played it for Cutie Pie, who was completely intrigued by the way Joel illustrated the song continuously on one long piece of paper.

First, Cutie Pie wanted to make the paper pieces from Joel’s website for the song and got busy with Sweet Pea cutting them out almost immediately after he saw them. As soon as he finished that, though, he was on to trying to draw what Joel did, the same way he did!

I love that Cutie Pie was so inspired to try drawing a little more out of the box than he is used to! I was also pretty shocked that he drew what Joel drew for the song, but in miniature and with only watching the video once!

You’ve really gotta check out Made by Joel for some neat paper-based play ideas that you can print and play with!

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