Spelling and blog hopping

Another photo I came across….

Cutie Pie spelled!

Please ignore the funny faces and the chocolate ice cream drips on the sweatshirt and instead direct your attention to the letters on the door.

Cutie Pie was cleaning up the letters (that the boys mostly just make a mess with) at clean up time about a month ago and started putting some back on the door. We thought he had stopped helping, but just as we were going to say something, he announced “Look, Daddy! I made a word!” (I’m glad he finally used the letters for what they are meant for!)

It might not technically be a word, however, he sure has the right idea that letters form words and that you need at least one vowel in there (the 9 is an A in this word as per Cutie Pie!)

Now, on to the blog hops…

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