Strong National Museum of Play Train Day

by | Oct 31, 2011 | 2 yr old, 4 yr old | 2 comments

Last month Hubby and I took the boys to The Strong National Museum of Play Train Day. We took them last year, too, and they loved it! The difference between this year and last was this year Sweet Pea was more mesmerized with the model trains than Cutie Pie!

The Strong does a nice job with this train show each year. Of course, since their audience is mostly children (it is held in a play museum after all) it is rather small, but that is part of the charm! In a large hallway they had a model train set up at which the kiddos could press several buttons and various things would happen on the model, such as logs rolling and containers being sent up a conveyor belt to a train car. Another display in this area was at eye level for the children and was an engine and two train cars on a track. The kiddos were given the controls and the task of coupling the train cars and engine together and making it back to where they started. this consisted of turning a dial to control speed and changing the direction of the train several times. This appeared to be a big attraction!

In a separate room there were several large models set up. The detail of these models was amazing! I never knew how many sizes model trains came in or the amount of money one can spend on scenery alone! The men interacting with the children did a great job talking with them, which is worth mentioning because at some other shows we’ve encountered some who definitely didn’t relate to children.

We had a great time again at this yearx’s train show and are already looking forward to the show in 2012!

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  1. Tat @ Mum in search

    That would look like a paradise to my kids, they are obsessed with trains!


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