Sweet Pea loves Sunday School

by | Nov 15, 2011 | 2 yr old | 1 comment

For the longest time Sweet Pea has needed our presence in the room for Sunday School class. I guess it depends on the teacher for the week (our church is small and Sunday School includes all children between the ages of 5 and 10 a
– all 8 of them!) This particular week a dear friend and another sweet lady were teaching. They invited the boys in and then just sent us away! In a way I was a little put off, but then I thought this was the perfect offlortunity to see how Sweet Pea did in class without us.

Another Sunday I had a meeting during the Sunday School time while Hubby had worship rehearsal and when my meeting was over so was Sunday School. I went to the room, snuck a peek and saw him sitting so politely listening and participating in the class! It makes me feel good that he can sit with the older kids and not really need special attention from the teachers, at least, not that I saw. He was even raising his hand with the other children in response to questions!

I suppose this won’t happen every Sunday, but it felt good for it to happen a few times! And of course, he’s now entering his separation anxiety stage and won’t let me leave him in Child Watch so I can work out, but we’ll get there…

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