Trains, Trains, Trains…

It’s been no secret that Cutie Pie is a train fanatic. He loves to watch electric model train videos lately and then I hear “Mommy, these are electric trains, come play with me” and we return to the wooden Thomas trains and track we have and we pretend we are the trains we just saw on the computer. To expand on this, however, Cutie Pie has wanted to build UP, meaning bridges as high as possible!

Building a track on the floor as opposed to the table has always been a challenge I’ve enjoyed. Erecting bridges utilizing Duplos, Legos, wood blocks, cardboard bricks and whatever else I can find to fit the need due to lack of supports is a whole new challenge. Cutie Pie has been great thinking things through, trying to find objects ‘just the right height’ to make our bridges the highest they can be! If a support falls, I encourage him to figure out how to make it stronger, or come up with a stronger solution. He’s come up with some great ideas!

I wish sometimes I grab the camera more often during these challenging times, but I find myself carried away with trying to come up with a cool bridge and track that we can play with before Sweet Pea destroys it! (Lately Sweet Pea has been good about leaving a completed track intact, but still likes to deconstruct incomplete projects!)

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