Sometimes we try hard to make our activities fit into a certain routine. It might be easier to alter when we do certain activities to make things flow better.

We’ve been talking about daily routines/daily rhythms this week. But what about weekly rhythms?

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Weekly Rhythms

The process is pretty much the same as developing a smart daily rhythm. After keeping track of your activities for a week on your Daily Time Tracker, look at the big picture of the week instead of the day. It might help to pull out your colored pencils or crayons and color code your activities for this.

Are there certain activities you do regularly each week like sports practice or grocery shopping? These are your weekly rhythm! It just happens to coincide with your daily rhythms.

Benefits of a weekly rhythm

Having a smart weekly rhythm can help you gain some time, and get everyone on the same page to make you week run more smoothly.

You may realize you run errands three times a week, all to stores right next to each other. You can recapture some time if you are able to do those all at once. Or if your family knows you always go to the grocery store on Monday mornings, it will be easier to have a complete grocery list before you go (if they help make it!)

You can even plan to accomplish things while waiting at events if you know to plan in advance! (Like writing a letter to a friend while waiting for your son to finish soccer practice.)

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Action Plan:

Spend some time examining your weekly activities and routines. How can your weekly rhythm flow more smoothly?