Morning Routine – time to change it?

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Last week we looked briefly at daily rhythms, daily routines, and weekly rhythms and saw they can really help ourselves and our families. Today is just a little reminder to take inventory of one little space in your day, if you haven’t already!

What does your morning routine look like?

Getting yourself ready should be part of your morning routine! Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean everyone else is ready to walk out the door for the bus and you are walking out in your pjs…unless you want to, of course!

I’ve been playing with my morning routine this year to find what’s most ‘efficient’ for my family and myself. That basically means that I have a few minutes to myself (usually thinking about the day before I even get out of bed) before my vocal boys join me downstairs, that I shower, that everyone gets dressed, eats and brushes their teeth before heading out to the bus and that I make lunches.

Routines crumble on hectic mornings

Some mornings are more hectic than others, and that’s why I’m playing with our routine, I don’t want a hectic morning if I can avoid it!

There are certain things you can control. All moms know that. But there are also things you can’t – like a child who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. That can wreak havoc on a well-intended routine.

The more prepared we are with a morning routine that works, the better equipped we’ll be to manage a hectic morning.

A routine needs to evolve and grow as our family grows. We can get so used to our routine that we don’t realize it needs to be tweaked. We’re so used to doing mornings one way that we fight to keep everything fitting into that non-working routine without realizing the more simple solution is to change up what we are doing. It could be as simple as eating breakfast before the kids come down instead of taking a shower first.

Routines aren’t meant for us to fit into them and function worse, we make routines that help us function better.

Action Plan:

Today I encourage you to truly think about something in your life, a routine, or a workspace, that isn’t ‘working’ anymore, truly think about it and see whether there is a tiny change that could be made to make it better.

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