What do you do on Winter break?

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This past week was winter break for us. No school means we have everyone home and I love it! Well, except for the fact that it’s when everyone finally comes down with the colds and stomach bugs that have been going around!This winter break we didn’t do much. We pretty much hung around home and worked on our train table, but we did make a trip to see my dad and the home I grew up in. My dad is in the closing process of the sale of his home. I have so many memories, having lived there from the time I was 4 until I was 22. It’s home. It was so strange walking through the empty home, watching the kids run through it one last time. This time I was a bit surprised that being inside the house wasn’t getting me down. What did, though, was walking up to the house behind Cutie Pie and Grandpa. So many memories flooded me then, because it’s the outside of Grandpa’s place that overwhelms me. The trees, the lawns, the stillness of the country, the view (you can see for miles and miles) But to add to that seeing Cutie Pie and Grandpa walking hand in hand like I remember doing with my dad so many many times growing up…I love seeing my memories being lived now through my kids! 

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