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Snow Painting at
Painted Snow

My 5 year old is really getting tired of the bitter cold, having a cold and not being able to go outside and play. He loves the snow, so I decided to bring it inside for him.

Now, I know this is not a novel idea, but it’s something I hadn’t thought of doing before. He was so tickled when I suggested it!

After playing with it with our hands, making little snowmen, we got out the watercolor paints, but Sweet Pea kept adding so much water everything melted pretty quickly and there were no pretty colors.

Next, we tried some watered down tempura paints. He liked painting the snow with this, but he wanted bright colors (which is actually pretty unusual for him because when he paints, normally everything turns out a dark brown!)

So out came the food coloring and the medicine cups, along with the medicine droppers and a whole assortment of kitchen utensils! I simply put a drop of food coloring into a medicine cup of water and armed him with one or two utensils at a time. This made the snow last much longer and also made some pretty cool tie-dye-looking snow!

We had so much fun! It was like a mini-sensory lesson with lots of coordination and color-talk involved!

I know we’re all waiting for spring to arrive after some nicer temperatures. But if we have to live with it for a little while longer, we might as well get creative and enjoy it! (And by the way, you can also fill a squirt bottle and paint the snow outdoors, or take your brushes outdoors, too!)

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