What’s metallic and edgy?

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Sweet Pea brought home a sculpture last year and I just realized I didn’t share it with you all! (I was looking over past posts, trying to find ideas to help with his separation anxiety/transition-to-school issues that I blogged about last week and came across it still in my drafts folder – shame on me!) 

What's Metallic & Edgy title

He is still so proud of this sculpture that sits prominently on our rumpus room windowsill! I remember him spending quite a while explaining to me step-by-step the way he made it. At that time he asked if I would share it with you because he thinks other kids would have fun making a sculpture like this, too, so here it is!

How to Make a Metallic Edgy Sculpture


Strong glue (Elmer’s Glue All possibly)
Popsicle sticks (to spread the glue)
Paint and brushes

First, cut one piece the size to your desired base. Sweet Pea’s creation sits on a base about 5 x 6 inches.

Next, cut pieces of cardboard into similar shapes. The smallest piece in his sculpture is approximately 2 x 3 inches, with at least one 90 degree angle.

Take the small pieces and arrange them on the base, leaning them against each other, gluing each piece securely.

Once the glue has dried, paint the cardboard sculpture any color or colors you’d like. Sweet Pea used metalic paint.

What'sMetallic andEdgy- (1)

Sweet Pea’s cardboard sculpture remained relatively small, not expanding out or up. He told me students’ stretched out, reaching beyond the base. Others grew tall as more cardboard pieces were added.

This is abstract art! Be creative!


If you create a sculpture using this technique please share! Sweat Pea would love to see what you created!

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