Where’s your path?

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Hubby blows a path through the snow from our drive to the driveways on either side of ours for the mail carrier. (Yes, I’m still talking snow here in Rochester, NY, although it is finally melting and I can see just a little bit of grass poking through.) Our neighbors all down this side of the street do the same, so there is a path running near the front of every house from one end of the street to the other. Every morning we traipse through the path to the bus stop next door. Every morning there is a fresh set of paw prints as well, and I am pretty sure they run the length of the street.

picture of a boy stepping off a snowy path

I thought about that cat this morning. What does it see as its walking along? Does it think it’s protected by the two foot high walls of snow on either side? Does it know where the path leads? Or does it blindly follow because that was the path set before it? Does it ever leave the path and venture down a driveway? Does it ever take the extra effort to set out across the snow on its own?

Walking path through the snow
Then I started thinking how I would be if I were on that path. Would I stick to it because that’s what was made seemingly for me? Would I venture off to see where something else would take me, or create a fresh path of my own through us chartered territory?

Think of how this path can be a reflection of people’s lives. Many plod along because that’s where they think they should go. Others because it’s the easy way. Still others follow it for a little while, then venture off on their own, a slightly easier path, maybe coming back to it here and again. A few cut across the snow, possibly never following the path to begin with.

Which one am I? How do we know what path to take in the first place?

Which one are you?

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