A is for apple/Apple Investigation

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In the spirit of fall and wanting to get back into more learning activities with Sweet Pea (like I did with Cutie Pie at this age) we took a little trip to the apple store and did some fun ‘A is for apple’ letter activities!

After talking about the possibilities of why apples are sometimes red, sometimes green and sometimes both red and green, we picked out some that we thought would taste yummy! We plan to make apple crisp with some and eat the others! We also did a little investigation with one.

Here’s how to do our quick little Apple investigation Activity:

First, set out the apple.

  • Touch it. Talk about what it feels like -soft, hard, smooth, bumpy.
  • Talk about it. Here are some questions that might spur your kiddos mind:
    • What color(s) it is?
    • How/where did it grow?
    • How long did it take to grow?
    • How did it get to the store?
  • Talk about why it has a peel.
  • What does the inside look like? How can you open it to find out?
Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to the questions raised. Take the opportunity to look up the answer together, or give the question back to them and ask what they think!

Then, slice the apple around it’s diameter instead of through it stem-wise.

  • What shape do you see?
  • What else is in there? (seeds)
  • What can you do with what you find?
Tomorrow I’ll share what we did with the apple after we investigated it!

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