Chalk play Letter Game

We spent quite a bit of time outside last week and a lot of that time was spent with chalk dust on our hands! We did your typical sidewalk chalk drawing and coloring, but also made up a few games of our own.

Letter game – I simply wrote letters on the driveway, scattered around and not in order. Of course doing this instead of playing in the gravel pit with Cutie Pie drew his attention to what I was doing. I started calling out letters and Cutie Pie immediately ran to them and stamped them with Sweet Pea dutifully following. The boys got giggling so hard! It was a lot of fun! (and sneaky learning!)

Next Tuesday I’ll share some more chalk games we did!

Check out Childhood 101 We Play Tuesday for more ideas!


  1. jenny says:

    Chalk – definately one of the early childhood staple resources for playful learning! Thanks so much for sharing it on the It's Playtime link-up.

  2. Jenny says:

    I really like the sneaky learning idea! My 4 year old is having a "hard" time learning her letters, so it would be great for her to follow older brothers as they jumped around to the different letters.

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