Crushed cereal craft

If you read my post yesterday you know that I had sweet colorful cereal in my home a little while back. We didn’t just lace with the cereal, we played with glue, too!

First Sweet Pea placed some cereal into a plastic baggie, which I sealed for him. Then he smashed it with his hand until it was all small crumbs. Pretty, isn’t it?

I outlined Sweet Pea’s name in pencil, then Sweet Pea traced it with a bead of glue. (letter recognition, fine motor coordination, name recognition)

Sweet Pea then sprinkled the colored crumbs over the glue and pressed lightly. (slightly more gross motor, fine motor, more letter recognition)

I couldn’t have imagined how much Sweet Pea liked this activity before we started! The result was kind of cute, too, and he was very proud to tape it up on the wall! (No, his real name is not Sweet Pea…he had so much fun that I had to make one too!)

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