D is for Dinosaurs

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Of course around this house D is for dinosaurs. If you’ve read this blog for long you probably could just assume it would be! But Sweet Pea also reminded me that D is for Dots and Dogs!

Sweet Pea’s preschool class was right on board a few weeks ago with D being for dinosaurs. They read The Magic School Bus Flies with the Dinosaurs and they cracked open baking soda eggs to discover baby dinosaurs! Sweet Pea had done this at home recently (with plastic bugs), but still loved every minute of it! They also read How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon and made their own (super cute) doctor kits. (Another post!)

Here at home we assembled our 3D letter D and came up with quite a few D words, some of which were quite funny to Sweet Pea (like dung) but totally reminded him of animals. (He still wants to be an animal rescuer like Diego and Dora!)

We also read some of our many books about dinosaurs, played with our dinosaurs and dug in the dirt as we re-potted some plants. We got out the construction equipment and played in the sandbox (on a really nice day) with our dump trucks, too!

I’ll share a couple of the activities we did later this week!

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