Encourage Writing – Some Simple Ideas

I’ve been thinking a lot about encouraging writing in our young children (like here), so I thought I would share a few very simple ideas to encourage writing similar to how we often encourage our children’s artistic creativity.

    Encourage Children to Write

  • Display your child’s writing. If she’s learning to write and writes her name, put it where it can be admired. Even if it’s just one letter – pin it up!
  • When you’re working on an experiment, let your child do some of the recording (writing) of observations. This will also give them more ownership of the project.
  • Let them help write out the grocery list. If writing the words as you spell them or by sounding them out is too difficult, encourage drawing a picture of the item. This way they are still associating writing words with making a list to the best of their ability.
  • Consider making a family mailbox and exchange notes with each other.
  • Ask them to help write labels for items in your home and tape them up.

Just as you encourage your child by admiring their artwork, or specific things about their artwork, let them hear encouragement about their writing skills. “I really like the way you started your letters at the top today!”

I plan to post about encouraging writing in our kiddos weekly and would love to hear your feedback in the comments or on Facebook!

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