Foam Alphabet Play

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Everyone has seen them, those big foam interlocking squares with letters you can poke out sort of like puzzle pieces…well, we have those, too! Sometimes they are brought out on rainy days when we’ve played with everything else in the house. Other times they are brought out because my kiddos request them. This day was a day they wanted to play with them and they did so in many ways!

First, they made a matt with them and poked all the letters out and put them back in again (letter recognition, motor skills, coordination). I’ve never seen Sweet Pea (the 2 year old) have such fun doing this before! Last time we did this was about 4 months ago, so it might just have been a readiness issue.

Then while they were still crawling around on the matt of letters they brought out their cars and ran them along as if the letters were roads, then as if the jagged edge for each square was a road and they minded the intersections! (small/fine motor skills)

And sometimes they make a path with them and just run along it. Other times I call out a letter and they run to it, sometimes picking the letter up or tracing it with their fingers. This usually gets lots of giggles!

A favorite activity for them to engage me in is making a tunnel with the squares. They like to crawl through and poke out letters here and there, sometimes trying to stand up in a letter if their bodies fit. It’s sometimes a challenge to meet their ‘tunnel-building’ specifications! (coordination, gross motor, spatial awareness)

Then there’s always the ball-rolling game with Sweet Pea. Nothing entertains this 2 year old more than rolling a ball with him, and adding a tunnel to the mix is just the ticket! He is so entertained by this!

And of course, whenever we pick them up for the night we always place them back down in a matt and run around seeing who can put the most letters back in their place (coordination, cooperation, letter recognition, one-to-one matching)! This is becoming a really fun game for both boys!

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