Instrument Petting Zoo – drums (and blog hop!)

As I’ve mentioned before, Hubby is a string music teacher in two of the local grade schools. Part of his education included learning many instruments, both string and band, in order to be certified to teach all types of music K-12. Previously I posted about the kids trying out a trombone. This time it was the drums!
Thankfully, Hubby has a practice drum pad rather than real drums. (Nothing against drums. It’s just that Sweet Pea is quite a drummer as it is, picking up anything that resemble drumsticks and banging on things, so I can only imagine what our home would be like if we had real drums in it – endless drumming!) Hubby got the drum pad and drumsticks out for the boys and they had a blast! It was the same day they got to try out the recorder, which I’ll post about another time. (But you can read about their toy recorder here.)

Of course, Sweet Pea was a natural. We already know from his drumming around that he can keep a beat, but we weren’t quite sure he’d be able to always hit the drum pad as that takes a lot of coordination and choice. He did great, and was very responsible with the drumsticks, not hitting anything else! Cutie Pie did great, too, although he quickly became interested in the other instruments we had out at the time (see the rain stick to his right in the pic.)

Sweet Pea woke up early from his nap that day and had a field trip to the music store with Hubby. I was told he had a blast! Evidently Sweet Pea was very gentle with all the instruments he was allowed to play, which included some guitars, keyboards, various hand drums and a drum set! Of course, percussion instruments include things other than just drums…chimes, bells, xylophone, gong, blocks, triangle…and lots more, too!

The trip to the music store to play drums was icing on the cake as far as Sweet Pea was concerned, and I was thankful Hubby didn’t come home with other percussion instruments to add to our collection!

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    Instrument Petting Zoo…oh…that is a great post title!!! Made me laugh out loud. I played drums in Band when I was in school too. My mom VERY much appreciated that Reno Drum Pad! I may still have it – it would be fun for my daughter to play with as well. “Box hunting begins” *wink*

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