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I’ve mentioned before that Sweet Pea (4 yrs old) is learning his letters in preschool. We’ve been working on them here at home, too, but in the form of play. Here’s one way that’s fun for him!

Most days Sweet Pea likes to get out the sign language cards (which have a large letter on them and pictures of words beginning with the letter) and the mail box that I made for him. He likes to put the cards in the mailbox as well as scatter them throughout the house! (fine motor coordination, gross motor, too!)

I have made this into a game, because I was a little tired of the cards ultimately being strewn about the house as he ‘delivers’ the mail. Now when he’s done playing he says each letter and describes the pictures on the cards as he puts them into the mailbox. (Now, I know this isn’t terribly fun for me, but he seems to love it and the repetition that goes with it!)

A bonus from this activity is that we have learned a few signs that we use! Sweet Pea loves this because it’s “our secret talking tool”!

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