Letter D – Dinosaur Dig

Do you have a dinosaur lover in your house? Do you have a big tub/bin, one that you can fill with sand? What about plastic dinosaurs and/or homemade dinosaur bones?

If you do, then I think you have the makings of a dinosaur dig!

I have tended to shy away from sensory bins since our rice level has deteriorated in our rice box, but recently rediscovered how much Cutie Pie enjoys this type of play when it is centered on something he likes so much, like dinosaurs.

Through our local recreation center, Cutie Pie had the opportunity to enjoy a dinosaur class for kids his age. He told me he really enjoyed the ‘dig’ and making a fossil! (I now have the materials for the fossil so we’ll be doing that soon!) At the class there was a huge tub of sand with cleaned chicken bones, shells, small plastic dinosaurs and a variety of other things in it, resembling a tiny dig site.

On an unusually warm day a few weeks ago we got outside when Cutie Pie got home from school (no rain). Before he got home I buried some dinosaurs in our sandbox. It took a bit of coaxing, but we dug in the sandbox for a bit and he was totally surprised to actually find something! (He really wanted to ride his bike!)

I love that this little idea worked! I love being able to do just a tiny bit of prep and have an activity for the boys that they totally love! I even buried a letter D for Sweet Pea!

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