Mama’s week in review – letter A

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Here we go Again! Cutie Pie wanted to keep going with the alphabet and add numbers in the mix. We started over with Hubbard’s Cupboard’s 3’s curriculum. This time I’m trying to get Cutie Pie to be more ‘hands-on’, trying his hand at writing and drawing more, which he didn’t like to do the first time through. It’s been a challenge, however, he’s really been into counting this week, so that makes up for it! We’re also going a little more quickly than in their outline this time.

Bible Story – The Creation Story, where else to start?! Cutie Pie remembered much more of this than I thought he would! He seemed very excited to read the story each morning and was very good at counting the days as we read. Again, we didn’t do everything in the Hubbard’s Cupboard weekly outline, but did make use of some of the crafts as a basis for discussion starting. He also approached the topic of God creating Dinosaurs several times. I’m going to have to read up on this one!

Math – Cutie Pie was very into counting this week. He counted items on the table, the number of toy trains on the track, cars in their pockets on the door, the number of windows on the first floor, and the list goes on. Sometimes, when he wouldn’t eat, he’d more willingly eat if we counted bites on our fingers.

Cutie Pie was also interested in learning to write his numbers, so we used the number rhymes from Hubbard’s Cupboard and tried writing one and two. Cutie Pie needed a lot of encouragement, as he kept saying he ‘isn’t good at writing’. (fine motor, self-esteem) Both of these together got Sweet Pea counting quite often, too!

Science – To reinforce the letter A, I printed out large ants with a capital and lower case A on each half, then cut them in half and Cutie Pie and Sweet Pea took turns matching them. This led to an investigation! We checked out the ants in our driveway, in books and on video and learned about their body parts and some facts about them. I never knew they were so strong!

We were going to ‘decorate’ our letter A’s, however, Cutie Pie said A is for Alphabet and was wanting to put the alphabet letters all over his letter A, but he didn’t want to write them all and so we didn’t get very far…
I’m going to try to link up to these… The Attached Mama's Alphabet Craft CollectionTot School

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