Mama’s week in review Letter C

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Caterpillar. Cat. Clouds. Colors. Count. Coins. Cookie. Cake. Carrot. Crayons. Construction. Circles. Clifford. Cutting. Clothespins.

Cutie Pie seems to be slowing down in this learning the alphabet (again) area, so although we talked a lot about C words we did very little ‘hands-on’ with the letter C. He also seems to be petering out in the Bible Story area, not asking for one each morning and not listening the mornings he does want one. I’m not pushing the issue because he seems to be showing interest in other areas. I thought, though, that I would share this one last Monday Mama’s week in review post about his letter learning. Also, I did take a bunch of pictures, but for some reason can’t work with them today.

(Photo from Creative Therapy Associates, Inc website)

Bible Story – Abraham and Sarah and the birth of Isaac. In relation to this story we talked about feelings. We talked about how Abraham and Sarah experienced so many different emotions throughout the whole story and we used our “Feelings Mood Magnet” (from Creative Therapy Associates, Inc.) that we acquired for free somewhere along the way. This is a magnet that has simple line drawing faces on it reflecting a mood or feeling and comes with a red square magnet that you can move to frame a certain feeling. Cutie Pie really liked being able to associate feelings with pictures, although he always frames ‘hopeful’ when you ask him how he’s feeling!

We also tied the letter C in to the story of Noah and the Ark a little further, talking about the different Creatures on the ark a little more. This was more for getting Sweet Pea into talking about Bible stories and worked like a charm!

Art – Sweet Pea has always liked scribbling and using a writing tool more than Cutie Pie, but this week they both were making great Circles! Cutie Pie even started drawing stick figures this week! (fine motor, coordination, self awareness, spatial awareness, pre-writing)

Science/Play – We had fun with fizzy sidewalk chalk this week and ended up mixing our colors! I saw similar recipes several places, like here and here, and I honestly don’t remember the recipe we ended up using, but it worked! And the boys tried their hand at making colors by mixing the paint, of course, it never ended up the color they anticipated, but it was fun!

We also spent some time talking about Construction equipment (are you surprised?) and watched a Couple episodes of Mighty Machines!

What we didn’t do, but I had planned: cotton ball straw races, Hungry Hungry Caterpillar sequencing, making our own game (to use dice and count spaces), checking out some Creepy Crawlies at the zoo or online

Cutie Pie expressed a strong desire to learn his numbers, which I am understanding as learning what they look like, so we will be working on that among other things this summer. Come fall I will have Sweet Pea in the mornings by himself, so Mama’s week in review may return then! I’ll keep blogging, though!

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  1. Sharla

    Cute idea to tie as much in to a letter as you can!

  2. Renita

    What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing, we'll be doing fizzy paint next week!


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