P is for painting

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Letter P week has been so much fun and so colorful! We’ve been painting!

We splatter painted, painted with big brush strokes, painted lots of polka dots, painted more snow, and even painted cookies!

I think Sweet Pea’s favorite part of painting is exploring different things to paint on. He really liked painting on some shiny blue paper that was stuffed in a gift bag with a present. He loved the way the brush felt as he brushed it across the paper. Unfortunately, he didn’t like the way the paint crumbled off it as it dried.

And he always has fun mixing all of the colors – like a huge science experiment!

Sweet Pea did paint a letter P, but then had lots of fun covering it up with tons of paint (which turned brownish black)! It was a very messy process, but one that he thoroughly enjoyed!

I’ll be sharing more letter P fun throughout the week!

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