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This morning Cutie Pie REALLY wanted to go outside to play but it hadn’t warmed up enough for his still-under-the-weather Mommy, so I tried to distract him and stay inside for a bit. I mentioned previously he has been spotted practicing his cutting skills and he was at it again today, but this time with Playdough, at his own request! We have this one toy that makes “tubes” as he calls them and he loves to cut the dough into Tootsie Roll size pieces. He did this for quite some time before picking up a mushed giant piece and cutting that into pieces. I consider this quite a milestone for him as until today he would leave whatever he was cutting on the table and put his scissors under it to cut! And of course Sweet Pea was right there, ignoring my pleas to keep everything out of his mouth!
Cutie Pie also requested his pom poms be brought out after lunch (and a healthy dose of playing in the gravel with his construction toys outside!) He loves to use the tweezers (which are actually more like scissors with a flat head) to transfer the pom pom from a bowl to either the cupcake tin or, more often than not, a dump truck. He calls them his excavator. He doesn’t seem interested in sorting by size or color, but I’m still pleased as punch as until a few days ago this feat required him using 2 hands and now he is successful at moving a pom-pom with only one hand on the tweezer. For a little boy who doesn’t like to “do” crafts or other fine motor activities he’s making his mommy happy with this new skill! Sweet Pea was trying his best to thread pieces of a straw and O cereal onto a pipe cleaner, without much luck!
To make you smile: Cutie Pie had a couple of jelly beans after lunch today as a treat and when finished requested “more juicy lima beans!” If only lima beans were that delicious!

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