Fun in the sun Thursday!

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Today the weather was absolutely gorgeous here so we went to a park with a neighbor and her 2 grandsons, the younger is the same age as Cutie Pie. It was fun being outside playing and watching Sweet Pea climb all over everything as this is the first time we’ve been to a park since winter set in, so the first time he could test his abilities on something other than our furniture! He was amazing! It was interesting watching Cutie Pie. He is just beginning to actually play with kids rather than next to them. At times he seemed so much older than 3!

We also colored our Easter eggs and talked about the meaning of Easter in relation to dying an egg, as well as the colors mixing to form interesting combinations! Cutie Pie seems to grasp some of the concepts of Jesus coming to earth to save us and being resurrected, much more than I thought he would at this age. I wonder sometimes what goes on in his little mind when we talk about Jesus dying for our sins and being raised the 3rd day since he hasn’t experienced death of a loved one yet. The last few days leading up to this weekend have really made me think about how to relate this wonderful story to him and I do hope he understands at least a little of it.

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