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We enjoyed a nice weekend visiting family in central New York State, where Cutie Pie hunted for fossils in the stone fence assembled near a swimming pool and Sweet Pea thoroughly enjoyed his first encounter with a cat. We also had the fortune of gathering with Nana, Papa, Aunt, Uncle and cousins on Easter to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection! It’s always fun seeing the cousins together as they are relatively close in age.

This morning was grocery day here since we were away for the weekend. Cutie Pie picked the letter Y to search for on our trip. He was very excited for some reason to look for the letter Y and kept mentioning it until we got there. Unfortunately, I forgot to remind him to look for it until we were halfway through the store. Fortunately, it’s a very big store! Cutie Pie did a great job finding Y’s, however, there just weren’t that many on signs or printed largely in our store and I had to help more than I have had to with other letters. I admit I was very disappointed! But he had a great time anyway, and was a big helper retrieving only the items I asked him to put in the cart, which is a big improvement over past grocery store visits! Sweet Pea also did a great job finding everything I asked him to find and point to….apples…bananas…eggs…milk…yogurt… he got very excited each time he saw the item, and even more-so when big brother put it in our cart! (Maybe he was hungry!)

I continue to look for activities to do with the boys, but find it harder to set aside the time to actually do them with the weather as beautiful as it is. I should get my act together and get organized because Cutie Pie actually asked if we were going to do an activity today! That was a first! Usually, I have been successful getting the activity ready without mentioning it and thus gaining their interest, but have never had one requested and never thought he’d be interested having just had such a non-routine weekend! Next time I will be more prepared!

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