Letter F

Fingers. Friends. Fun.

I have been pretty behind in updating Sweet Pea’s letter of the week posts. He hasn’t been easy to figure out as far as what clicks to make him want to learn about his letters. Here is what we did in the fall for letter F, though!

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Frog. Frown. Family. Friends. Find. Finger. These are just some of the words we talked a lot about for the week of F! I knew Cutie Pie’s pre-K class was talking about Family and Friends each for a week so I wanted to include Sweet Pea in on the fun!

Fire Fighter

Field Trips– We belong to a local MOMs club that had a tour of the fire station, just in time for our letter F week! Sweet Pea loved climbing on the firetrucks and checking out how big the tires are, but was a little apprehensive when the fireman put on his fire fighting uniform. I like the way they did it, though, one item at a time starting with street clothes. I want to hang the picture of the fireman in his mask, especially, somewhere my kiddos can see it so they won’t be as scared if they see a fireman come into their room to rescue them.

We also went to a park to have some Fun with some Friends! This was a highlight because they were friends we hadn’t been able to play with for a while even though they live very close to us. They are always pretty silly together!

Art/Language – We also did a lot of fingerpainting that week! To make it a little more interesting than just fingerpainting over a letter F outline, I put down some painter’s tape in the shape of an F and let Sweet Pea fingerpaint over it. He really liked it and traced the F many times before he finished his masterpiece. He had a lot of fun combining colors while he painted. (fine motor, sense of touch, science) When it was dry and I peeled the tape away he said the F was “forgotten”, which I thought was pretty neat that he used a word starting with F and I hadn’t thought of it!

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